34 Apps Like Any.do

Any.do’s To-do List and Task list is a simple yet powerful platform where people can keep their life well managed with the help of tools which are being provided. It has been downloaded by more than 15 million people around the world and is gaining more and more popularity. There are many features of the app which can be helpful for individuals who want to keep track of all the activities they have been doing or plan on doing in the future. These are the main features along with the option of creating lists of the things to be done, writing down texts and notes according to the requirement and even managing your life and creating a memo. The app is not free of charge, and there are some in-app purchases which can be made to enhance the experience. People can take advantage of the widget which gets placed on the homepage. There is also the option of setting reminders for the tasks which are to be performed while the lists that are being created can be shared with others through email and even texts. In a nutshell, this is a must-use platform because of its simplicity and productivity.


Wunderlist allows people to manage their daily life in a better way with the help of tools which it provides. Here an individual may note down ideas as soon as they think of something, write down things they have to do during the day or next week, even jolt down…

To Do List

To Do List by Splendid Apps is a smart application which gives the option of managing your life in a proper way. There are many key features which can show the utility of this platform. The best feature is the user interface which is simple and makes it easy for…


Todoist is one of the most famous applications in the category of productivity because of the tools being provided. It is therefore used by millions of people around the world who need a place to keep track of all the things they have achieved. This can also help them to…

Google Keep

Google Keep is a versatile application which gives people the opportunity of saving everything which is on their mind so that they do not lose a terrific idea or miss out on a great place to visit and the worst case scenario, get late for a meeting. There are many…


GTasks is a simple yet useful tool which provides the user with the option of managing their content in an accessible manner. The user interface is based on iPhone which gives people motivation to use it. People can view the things they have added to Google Calendar. The process of…


TickTick is one of the many applications which provides people with to-do lists and task managers. The best thing about this platform is the user interface which gives a refreshing look. People are able to scroll quickly and witness everything clearly. There is also the option of synching data on…


Trello is a productive application which focuses on one particular niche instead of providing various tools to perform different tasks. It gives people the chance of managing their project in a proper way. There are many options within the application which can benefit individuals who have a group of people…


Ike – To-Do List and Task List is an app which is best explained by the name itself. It provides people with the option of creating lists and entering other information which is important for them. The process is simple; you can enter data in the form of text or…

To Do Reminder

To Do Reminder is a productive platform which is different from other similar apps in a way that it makes life simpler. Usually, there is the option of entering text and creating lists for people who then have to activate reminders if they want to remember something. This app makes…


Notepad+ makes note taking easy for people. It is an application which provides people with multiple tools which can help them writing down and remembering the stuff which is important. There are many features which can show its productivity. There is the option of typing the things with your own…

Sticky Note +

Sticky Note + is a simple application which can help people to manage their schedule and other tasks which are important. There are many basic features such as adding text in notes to save them and view at a later time to remember the thing. This app provides a little…


Evernote – Stay Organized is an application which does exactly what the name suggests if provides people with the option of shaping their life without having to do much hard work. It provides individuals with the tools which they require to make life simple. The user can write down stuff…


OneNote is perhaps the most advanced application in its category where you can do wide-ranging stuff without having to install multiple apps. People can enter the data they need to remember in the form of text, the actual writing and even in the form of videos and images. They can…


GNotes – Note Everything is a simple app which provides people with the tools to manage the stuff which is in their mind and type if down to make it happen. There are many features of this app which can end up showing its productivity. For example, people can enter…


Slack is a place where people can work in a team and get their tasks done in a quick way. It can be used as a place where you can enter descriptions of all sorts, be it the project, personal information, conversation or any other mode. You can add different…

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Asana is easy to use and easy to manage application which makes your life easy. Sounds simple? The app is simple yet powerful which provides people who want to work in a team, with all the tools that will help them complete their tasks quickly. It is more suited to…

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Notezilla is an application where people can keep their notes about the things they want to remember. It can be used in multiple ways, and you do not always have to make the tools a simple typing machine. The main feature though is still the same, you are able to…


Producteev is a productive application which acts like a task manager for people who have trouble keeping track of all the things they do or have a weak memory. The best thing about this app is that it is free to use. You do not have to pay anything to…


Doit.im is a tool which helps people to accomplish their tasks with the support of a scientific technique which is known as GTD (Getting Things Done). There are many features of the app which are important for the people who use it. People have the facility to add pictures, pdf…


Toodledo is robust which will help people to improve their daily routines and organize their life while making sure they are able to perform all their tasks on time. There are many tools within the app which can be helpful in giving people the opportunity to create lists and other…

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk might sound a ridiculous name, but the app and the features provided by it are ridiculously good. It is a place for busy people so that they can jot down the things they want to remember and then make use of the app to make sure everything…

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Work Flow Manager

WorkFlow Manager is an application whose developers claim it is the best tool for taking notes and keeping track of the things you have to do in the form of lists. Why? Probably because of the type of features it is offering. The process of entering everything is essential, where…

Keep My Notes

Keep My Notes is an application which can act as a notepad and memo where you can jot down your thoughts as well as enter the details of the things which are to be done. Not just that there is also the option of creating lists which can be used…


Checklist is a tool which will help you perform your tasks in a quick manner without you having to enter too much detail. Since many apps provide features where you can enter text as notes and create a list, this app does the most advanced work. You can not only…

Raloco Notes

Raloco Notes is a tool which will help you type down everything which is in your mind. There are many basic features such as adding text in notes to save them and view at a later time to remember the thing. This also gives it an edge over others, while…


Taskworld can act as a mobile application where you can keep all your work be it personal or official at one place. This also makes sure you do not have to access all the data multiple times through various sources. Everything can be managed within the application and then sorted…

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Droptask is a powerful tool which allows people to manage their work and write down their thoughts in a different way. There are many features, for example, you can zoom in and out to view the things that have been created. There are different paper templates for use and notes…


Mirakel is a productivity application which can act as a useful tool that can provide people with multiple features related to the completion of tasks and setting reminders in the form of notes. There are many features which should be listed here, but some of them are as follows. You…

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2Do is an app which claims to provide people with a completely different way when it comes to managing their daily routines and performing the tasks which are essential. Everything can be handled within the application and then sorted out accordingly with the help of date or name and even…


Todo.txt is perhaps the simplest of places where people can share their thoughts and manage their daily tasks without many issues. There are many tools within the app which can be of help to such folks who have busy routines and less time to remember stuff. You can create tasks…


Transpose is an application which works better for people who want to participate in an activity as a group of people. There are many tools which are provided for such activities. You can add different individuals in the conversation who can then participate and perform all the tasks. It is…


Moo.do – Organize your way is a self-explanatory application which helps people organize their daily routines and making sure they are able to get the usual tasks done. You can create checklists and then track the progress of individual tasks which can be ticked off as soon as they are…


Orgzly is a tool which stores your texts and helps you to create different lists of the things that need to be completed. The process of entering everything is essential, where you just have to type down the things which you have to do in future, or information about a…

My Effectiveness

My Effectiveness is for sure an effective way of sorting out your life and making sure you do not miss out on an important task that has to be performed. While the usual apps provide people with the option of writing down texts in different forms, this app provides a…